Last Updated March 23, 2022

Kbit is A Unique & Advanced URL Shortener Platform powered by Gencosys Technologies Inc.
As we have the large database & its several services, like Bulk SMS marketing, ERP application development, Web development, Domain Registration etc. So we feel always to lake of this service by which we can easily convert our long URL into a bit/small URL while there are several such services available on the Internet but because of our customized need & different features our Team has decided to launch this platform for our company use & for those who want something different.

In Kbit.co (It's a small bit as it name) we have tried to design & develop a rich featured by which you can explore awesome possibilities of your long URL Shortener & store it in your safe account by easily access it's in future as well.

There are lots of advanced features that you deserve & safe your time and money, as we had tried to focus your existing business expenses, here we are providing a just three type of plans & one is absolutely free for Life Time with unlimited uses & service. While there are other two plans for those who can't compromise with some extra & advanced features.

By using the platform you can explore the great & user-friendly URL Shortener service, Get your tiny link ready instant to share on social networks, blogs, transnational or promotional SMS, & all its other Web/ERP based application integration by using our API services.


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