How & where you can get your customized API key

To get your API key first you must be registered with our platform by clicking on SignUp button at the home page. Once you registered with portal, an API key is automatically generated for you inside your account. By using that API key & the below example you can easily integrate it.
The API key must be attached to request via the API parameter (see full example below).

Remember: The API keys are different & unique for each account so don't try to use or copy it by anyone else.

Sending a request for shortening a URL

To send a request, you should use the following format where the variables API and URL are required, and if you want to request a custom alias, simply add &custom= at the end (see full example below).

Server response

As before, the response will be encoded in JSON format (default). This is done to facilitate cross-language usage. The first element of the response will always tell if an error has occurred (error: 1) or not (error: 0). The second element will change with respect to the first element. If there is an error, the second element will be named “msg”. which contains the source of error, otherwise it will be named “short” which contains the short URL. (See below for an example)

// No errors
// An error has occurred
  "msg":"Please enter a valid email"
Using plain text format

You can now request the response to be in plain text by just adding &format=text at the end of your request. This will return just instead of the JSON response. Note that if an error occurs, it will not output anything (see full example below).

Using the API in PHP

To use the API in your PHP application, you have to send a GET request through file_get_contents or cURL: Both are reliable methods. You can see a sample code below using file_get_contents

 // Using JSON Response
  $res= @json_decode(file_get_contents($api_url),TRUE);
    echo $res["msg"];
    echo $res["short"];

  // Using Plain Text Response
  $res= @file_get_contents($api_url);
    echo $res;


Note: Need any assistance or help just send your query : [email protected]

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